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NHL hockey player, Mike Fisher,

at Cottage Cove Vine Hill

Statement of Faith Gifts In Kind Receipt - Long Short

Cottage Cove is governed by a diverse, independent, board of directors. This board normally meets five times annually and provides this ministry with accountability, insight, vision, contacts and financial resources.

Presently there are no term limits for board members. Officers are elected to three year, renewable, terms.

Chairman - Allen Barnes

Secretary - Lynne Black

Treasurer - Eli Williams

Executive Director - Brent MacDonald

Board Member - Ted Miller

Board Member - Bruce Hammock

Board Member - John Baites

Board Member - Chris Johnson

Board Member - Steve Harrell

Board Member - Krystal Duncan

Board Member - Kyle Bullock

Board Member - Kerry Springer

Board Member - Scott Wilson

Board Member - Mike Yarbrough

Board Intern - Tyler Wilson

Advisory Board Member - Dan Borsos

Advisory Board Member - Mark Chesshir

Advisory Board Member - John Levesque

Advisory Board Member - Scott Schumpert

Advisory Board Member - Fred Stephenson

A subset of our Board of Directors meeting in Madison early 2016

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