Participant Comments from past DTI Bible Lands Trips

On the Sea of Galilee, I could feel the presence of God in every heart on that boat, and Petra was just indescribable.  It was an incredible experience, and everything we did was awesome!  Amanda F, USA

I feel like I've traveled the world on just this one trip! Anna B, USA

Trip of a lifetime for us.  Well organized, guides were wonderful.  It really makes the Bible come alive... To see where Jesus walked was worth the trip.  Shelley & David L, Canada

Awesome Trip, packed with so much!  Book (created by Brent for each participant) is and will be a great reference to the terrific places we have been.  Particularly enjoyed the Sea of Galilee.  Felt very safe with group too.  Peggy & Gary B, Canada

Outstanding trip! What an experience to walk in Moses' and Jesus' footsteps. Dave P, USA

Thanks for the amazing trip - it is so exciting to stand and see the places we've heard about all our lives. Thanks for the research you've done and how you made the places of the Bible come alive! Debbie M, Canada

Again, just an awesome experience!  I learned so much more the second time.  Loved Jordan - it was very pleasant as well as a wealth of Biblical history.  Debbie M., Canada

Thank you so much for leading us through the experience of a lifetime. I cannot read the Bible ever again in the same way. Billy P., USA

What an amazing opportunity! I cannot think of a better way to learn. These two weeks have been a grand example of discipleship, unlike what we typically see in America. C. Johnson, USA

"I'm glad I was your guide today... I would have never seen this!" Comment from our licensed, long-time, guide in Israel upon having seen an amazing excavation of a Biblical site that most trips never get to see.

Bible stories became even more alive. I trust that I will be a better teacher because of it. Keep on learning and passing it on to others. I hope to return again... Mark F., USA

"Can I video tape your teaching at the sites we will be at tomorrow? I'm working on my masters thesis, on the Hebrews in Egypt, and I've never seen these archaeological sites before." Comment from our licensed, long-time, guide in Egypt after hearing specifics of what historical Old Testament sites we would be visiting after leaving Cairo.

The Old Testament has come to life in a new way. Cindy L., USA

Thank you so much for making the most memorable trip of my life possible. Sue F., USA

My personal highlights are what I call my "wow" moments - the times I kind of stood back and said "look where I am, look what I'm doing." They are...

A lot of the ["wow"] moments that stuck with me have to do with singing. They were amazing sites before we started singing, I just think the singing woke me up to pay attention to where I was.  It's hard to think of what to tell people to expect. They should definitely plan to spend a lot more [on souvenirs] than they think they will, unless they have iron wills. Other than that, I found myself very well prepared by what you had emailed me.  The entire trip was just so great!   J. Mahar, Canada