Seven Reasons to Travel with DTI Bible Lands

#1. This is an incredible opportunity to see multiple countries and a multitude of authentic Bible sites and artifacts. Other trips often fail to establish the context of Israel with the countries surrounding it.  Jesus traveled in Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Lebanon!  The disciples added Turkey, Greece, Rome and more.

#2. Our trips are offered for an Incredible price! We have yet to find any trip that comes close to our pricing with even a remotely similar itinerary and supplied resources.  As a Christian educational based non-profit we're not in this to make money as so many other trips do.

#3. This trip will change how you understand and view Bible-times events and places.  First rate knowledgeable instruction makes all the difference.

#4. It will help you to be a better Bible teacher or student of the Word!  Plus we provide you a host of resources to help you better understand what you are seeing and to aid you in continuing you study afterward.

#5. Our trips are SAFE!  In the volatile world that comprises the Middle East we are on top of the events and circumstances that will potentially impact any destinations on our trips.  We will reroute and change, even on short notice, any aspect of our trip to keep you safe.  We have had zero problems in decades of travel and our past participants are quick to say that they never felt unsafe at any time.

#6. Our intentionally smaller groups allow for flexibility with minimal delays, great comradery, and personal times of worship.  Plus Brent often can get our groups into otherwise closed or normally off limits sites.

#7. If you don’t come, you'll regret not coming! After hearing from those who have come, we often hear the comment “I should have gone!”  In fact, the number one comment we've heard repeatedly are people saying they wished had done this years before, having put it off so long.  Hosts of those who were firstly a bit apprehensive in coming, having done so, are now repeat travelers with us.