DTI: How it Works (Timeline and Deadlines)

1. Phone and set a tentative date or dates (best to see if they are available before making any other plans). You can set tentative dates more than a year in advance!

2. Phone or email and confirm your date. The earlier you do this, the better. Dates are first-come first-served and there are limits to how many we can have during any one week, even if you are a small group. Have an estimate of how many you think may come.  We reserve a block of hotel rooms based on this estimate (better to estimate a little high).

3. Get your people confirmed as to who is coming. Have an application form completed for EACH and EVERY person coming (see button labeled “Forms”). Send application forms to Cottage Cove with a $20 per person application fee. These should be received at least 2 months prior to your coming. It may be subsequently possible to add additional people but there are no guarantees of space and you must call Cottage Cove to make these arrangements.

4. Upon receiving your application forms and fees, Cottage Cove will advise you of the Bible passages that your group with be teaching, enabling your group preparation time. We consider two months a minimum for preparation time; booking earlier is always better.

5. Get an individual medical release form and an individual liability waiver completed for each person coming (see button labeled “Forms”). Don't forget that all medical release forms must be notarized. Cottage Cove must receive these completed forms one month prior to your coming, along with your completed team work sheet, plus the balance of your deposit (this is the total cost per person without accommodations, less the $20 individual application fee: i.e. $250.00-$20=$230.00).

6. A late fee of $20 per person will be charged for deposits and individual forms not received 1 month prior to your coming. Please understand that late registrations result in extra work for the Cottage Cove staff, not to mention potential scheduling and resource problems (i.e. planning meals, etc).

7. Since this has happened before, note that we highly discourage changing leadership throughout the week. Having the same leaders for the whole week ensures that group leaders have been through the first day orientation and know the rules and what is expected of their team. If you absolutely must change leaders part way through the week, a minimum of one leader must be involved for the entire week.