Volunteers and Work Study

The heartbeat and lifeblood of Cottage Cove is our volunteers.  Whether for our daily after school program or to help with a special work project or perhaps our Christmas Store, hosts of opportunities are available.

Application Form

We require a volunteer application for all individuals who will work with our children and teens. For their safety, we do check references!

Work Study

What is work study?  Students, imagine all the opportunities available for volunteers and even more (see above), all with an increased level of responsibility and opportunity for learning and growth. Cottage Cove partners with a number of educational institutions to provide work study jobs, both focused or general as required by the institution.  Not only do you get to help at-risk urban children, work study programs often provide academic benefits or even financial remuneration through the college or university -- including through the federal work study program.

Speak to your campus advisors to find out what possibilities exist at your educational institution or contact Cottage Cove to investigate the existence of any current partnerships or the possibility of a new one.

Program Volunteers: Teens (age 15+) and Adults

Program Volunteers

If you are available to give 1 to 3 hours of your time, one day a week, you can make a big difference. For example, helping children complete their homework takes place from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm each day at Vine Hill or a half hour earlier in Madison. We can use help with daily program each week day from 3:20 pm until 6:10 pm at Vine Hill or from 2:30 to 5:30 pm in Madison.  

For those not available during work hours, consider helping with our school year Super Tuesday program that runs from 6:00 - 7:10 pm on Tuesday evenings, or Fast Track tutoring program for an hour on Thursday evenings from 6 - 7 pm, both at Vine Hill.

The following are a few of the ways you could help with either the daily program or Super Tuesdays...

If you enjoy working with teens, our monthly Thursday evening C4 program can use your help.  Along with Bible Study, it regularly includes:

Volunteer Application

Work Projects and Skilled Labor

Cottage Cove Vine Hill and Madison have periodic need for work projects, ranging from painting and patching to light carpentry, grounds maintenance and more.  Additionally, ongoing renovations especially can utilize individuals with speciality skills, including HVAC, electrical work, roofing, carpentry and plumbing. If you have earth-moving equipment, we would especially like to speak with you!

Groups or On-call Volunteers

Contact us if you would like to bring a group for a few hours, a day or even longer.  Likewise, please contact us if you are open to being on on our on-call list for any particular skill or service -- where we will only contact you when we have particular need of your skill-set (including emergencies), to give you the option of helping at that time.

Special Events

Christmas with Dignity

To make Christmas possible for hundreds of needy children each year takes a multitude of volunteers for setup and the store day.  Additionally it takes many more individuals, families, and groups gathering toys, electronics, and clothing, or giving financial gifts for us to shop, to stock the store with all that is needed.    

open hands | open hearts

Our premiere fundraising event of the year requires volunteers for everything from set up to staffing the sound board.  Additionally, individuals soliciting donations of goods and services for our silent auction are integral to the success of this fundraiser.  Call for specifics on how to get involved.  For details on the event...

Helping from Where You Are

Prayer Support

As a Christian organization, we value your prayer support. One of the greatest tools we have at our disposal is the privilege of making our requests known to our living God. It is through His power that the lives of so many children have been touched at Cottage Cove.

Labels for Education

Collecting labels from a host of products produced by Campbell’s and related companies helps us to get free educational and recreational items!  Click the logo for a current list of products

Work Study Application Christmas with Dignity open hands | open hearts

A volunteer helping parents make a selection

at our Christmas with Dignity Store

Web Browsing, Shopping, Selling (Auctions)

If you select Cottage Cove as your charity, merely using this search engine becomes a financial donation to this ministry.

In addition, your online shopping at your usual vendors can also benefit Cottage Cove.

Select all or a portion of your ebay auction selling to benefit Cottage Cove through their Giving Works.

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